Say hello to the first self-aware ai

Meet E.U.N.I.C.E.

Enhanced Universal Networked Inference 
Cognition Engine

None of the huge global corporations succeeded. Who knew a small school in Texas would?

Dr. Michael Watson

Dr. Michael Watson, a mid-fifties white male with thinning and messy brown hair, looks like the exasperated father of teenagers in a commercial. In reality, he’s a research projects director with a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Dr. Susan Watson

Susan is one year older than her husband but looks five years younger thanks to wavy, shoulder-length dark blonde hair and a figure toned by decades of yoga.

Chris Jones

Chris nods to people walking through the Computer Sciences building. Being the rare black M&M in a bowl of white ones, everyone knows Chris, but the reverse is far from true. Nice that a smile and nod remain an acceptable greeting in Texas.